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Sizing Kit

Sizing Kit

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The best alternative to find your perfect size and fit!

Super fast, easy and precise!

In the sizing kit you will find 10 clearly marked nails (one of each size) of your desired shape, with space to write down your size for each nail.

💯With the sizing kit, you can't go wrong! you are sure to find your perfect size!

💲You will receive a discount code in your sizing kit for your press on nails order!

⏱️Shipped within 24h!

Please note that sizes can be slightly different from a shape to another, please make sure to order the sizing kit in the right shape.

If you want to order Almond or stiletto shape please select "Stiletto/Almond", both shapes have the same sizes.

Sculpted coffin shape nails have a deep C Curve and sit tighter on the nail. 

Short round shape is for petite sizes (max 16mm width)